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Xbox Game Pass is an app with an enormous catalog of games that you can install on Xbox, a gaming console from Microsoft that only gets more and more popular every year. Of course, you need to have an Xbox in order to install the games offered here without any discs or cables.

The Xbox Game Pass interface is pretty simple, letting you browse through all the games without wasting any time. In fact, you can easily see the latest releases or check out various games by theme. Every game also has a brief summary with any information you might need.

The bottom toolbar is also helpful for creating your own lists of games you find interesting. On the other hand, if you select the immediate start option on your console, you grant permission to download videos games even if you're not using the Xbox.

With Xbox Game Pass, it's easier than ever to download games to your gaming console. You can even take advantage of exclusive offers to get newly released games at special prices.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher